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How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Today, as a result of the developments provided by modern medicine, operations can be performed very quickly. In this way, a fast operation also speeds up the return to normal life. The beginning of a smooth, comfortable and good surgery is, of course, the developments provided by modern medicine. The most important factor that affects this is the experience of doctors. The fact that doctors are experienced and experienced in rhinoplasty surgeries is also very effective.

As a surgical practice, rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery application that hundreds of thousands of people apply every year. The nose is one of the most important organs in our body. Breathing intake and oxygen requirement of the cells are provided directly from the nose. Deformations and problems occurring in the nose over time or by birth damage the existing appearance. The psychological effects of this situation can of course harm the person. Being disturbed both as self-confidence and physically are some of the problems that are very common.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

As a surgical application, anesthesia method is applied in rhinoplasty surgery. The majority of the incisions made in rhinoplasty are made in the areas inside the nose, which cannot be seen with eyes. In some applications, the surgical incision is made from the middle part that separates the holes. Internal structure is regulated by taking the cartilage and bone elements inside.

At the end of the surgery, a tampon is placed inside the nose to prevent bleeding. The buffer is then removed. After the operation, tape is applied to the nose wings. The nose splint is removed after an average of 7 days. It is quite natural that bruises and swellings form. These bruises and swellings disappear completely in almost 2 weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

Reshaping of the bone and cartilage of the nose is safe and does not cause any complications. Rhinoplasty, which is aesthetically compatible nose surgery application with other parts of the face, is also aesthetically important. An unpleasant belt on the nose allows you to get more comfortable by eliminating the elements such as bones and meat that cause the nose to clog constantly.

The gain of self-confidence, which starts with the change of the appearance of the nose, also offers an effect on your health. It is possible to see the positive effects it has on your health in oxygen uptake or sports. Especially people who constantly suffer from upper respiratory tract infections, their risk of becoming ill after rhinoplasty surgeries is also reduced.

Aestheticaly, Rhinoplasty Surgery

Aesthetic surgeries are called a series of surgeries that correct the deformations and complications that occur in the body and aim to give a better view. Cosmetic surgeons are specialists in this field. Surgeons specializing in facial area of ??aesthetic surgeons are also very effective in rhinoplasty surgery. In general, it is important to match the wishes of the patient and the surgeon before the operation. Patients who want to be operated on completely with aesthetic concerns should first be examined by a doctor. The patient's age, gender, previous surgeries and features such as height and weight are also evaluated in this case.