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What is Rhinoplasty?


Today, the remedies of modern medicine offer the best contribution to human life. All healthcare workers who can keep up with this change in medicine can now perform operations more comfortably and in a shorter time. In this way, state-of-the-art devices also help doctors and healthcare professionals who can perform all procedures quickly. Especially in recent years, aesthetic surgeries have been ended quite nicely with the use of the latest technology. Of course, the skills and abilities of the doctors also come into play at the basis of a smooth surgery. However, the most important is the level of technology used by the health institution.


Rhinoplasty is the name given to nose aesthetics in general. Our face is the first region that shows us against the outside in our social life and all our lives. Any problem in this region directly affects our social life. Rhinoplasty corrects the problems especially in the nose area and creates a smooth image to the nose. As a result of the elimination of the defect in the region with aesthetic surgery, it may have both healthy breathing and desired nose appearance.


Why Get Rhinoplasty?


The main purpose of rhinoplasty surgeries is to correct the problems in your nose. Whether afterwards or congenitally, deformations in the nose affect daily life both socially and healthly. The nose is the primary organ for breathing and serves directly to other organs such as the brain. Good quality and size of the breath taken makes you feel better and energetic in everyday life. Besides all these, aesthetic concerns are also important. When it comes to what is rhinoplasty, the first thing that comes to mind is always aesthetic concerns.


It is also necessary to consider the functions during the reshaping and reconstruction of the nose. Doctors are meticulously intervening in case the nose does not lose its function and does not cause any damage. With the meeting of the expectations of the patient and the surgeon on the common denominator, operations can be performed very easily.



Is Rhinoplasty Harmful?


The anatomical structure of the person, bone and skeletal condition, general health, age, and whether to smoke or not, are generally important for rhinoplasty surgeries. If incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided about such conditions, it is inevitable to have problems in the operations. Besides all these, it must be said that it is a difficult operation. Among the facial aesthetic surgeries, rhinoplasty surgeries are in the difficult category.



What is Rhinoplasty Recovery Time?


Although rhinoplasty operations are difficult, patients can return to their normal life quite easily. Although the healing process varies according to the size of the operation, after a normal operation, the patient reaches the level that can usually stand up within 4-6 hours. If there is no nausea, vomiting or a different complaint, then the meal can begin to eat. Sometimes it can be discharged on the same day, sometimes it can be kept under observation for 1 day. The buffers are removed within 1-2 days and the mold placed inside the nose is removed after 1 week.